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Count, Group, and Compare

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Help your baby make sense of their world. You can help build foundations for math long before your child enters school.

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You don’t have to be a “math person” to help your child build on their natural skills and interests as you play and talk together through everyday life. Helping your child make sense of the numbers and categories all around them will boost their brain development as well as their understanding and confidence.

Even babies can do simple math as they notice different sizes and patterns. Math for young children like comparing sizes and shapes through games can be fun and help teach babies to count.

Watch the video and explore our tips below to learn everyday ways to count, group and compare.


Our favorite tips on how to Count, Group, and Compare:

move to the beat

Tap your baby’s tummy, clap their hands together to the rhythm of a song, or rock them as you sing a lullaby.


For example, count as you wiggle each of their toes or as you gently bounce them in your lap.

compare objects

Help your baby explore things that are the same and different. Let them shake containers that make various sounds or touch contrasting fabrics, like smooth and scratchy. Talk about the differences.

fill up and dump out

For example, use a container to scoop and dump water in the bathtub. Use words like “in,” “out,” “full” and “empty.”

compare sizes and amounts

Your toddler may be interested in which things are “big” or “little.” You can also talk to them about whether they want “more” or “less.”

look for shapes

Point out shapes and describe them to your child. "Look, that window is a square with four sides." See if they can find and name shapes around them.

match and sort

Make a game of matching and sorting objects into groups. Arrange them by color, shape or size. For example, find as many green things as you can, then sort them from smallest to largest.

mesaure while cooking

Find safe ways for your toddler to participate while you are in the kitchen, like counting and helping to measure ingredients.

stack blocks

Encourage your toddler to stack blocks or other objects like plastic cups. Talk to them about what they’re doing.

clap in a pattern

Have your toddler repeat the pattern and dance with you.

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The Basics in Action

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It's never too early to practice math concepts with your little one! Join Children's Museum Houston early childhood bilingual educators Gisela Trevino and Belkis Hernandez, as they explore concepts to bolster counting, grouping, and comparing.

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Join Children's Museum Houston educator, Jacob, and special guest Ziggy, as they make an “insert activity,” which encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and sorting skills.

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